Frequently Asked Questions (Our FAQs)


Here we have compiled the 20 most important questions and everything worth knowing about our courses.

If you still have further questions, feel free to contact us here.

1. What are the objectives of a medical pre-semester?

It is our goal, to offer future medical students the best possible preparation for a study course or an admission exam, nationally and internationally. Therefore we offer the preparatory course in English only, because studies of medicine abroad, in other European countries, are conducted in English. Of course it lies at our heart, to release you into your medical studies without any transition, so that you know, what you have to expect and therefore the chance of a drop-out subsides.

2. Which subjects are taught and at which level?

The three-week Intensive Course includes the natural sciences biology, chemistry and physics. Contents are taught at advanced course level, many contents however are going further, and the experienced lecturers will give you a first impression of studies, whereas educational contents intentionally overlap with the first semester.

3. Why is the course only offered in English?

We offer our Intensive Course in English only. Thereby, we not only want to prepare future medical students optimally for their studies in their home country, but also those, who decided to study abroad, where the courses are conducted in English only. In the times of globalization, it does no harm for students, to master the contents in English.

4. When does the next pre-semester start and how long does it last?

The Intensive Course is three weeks long. The tutoring course can be arranged due to your personal needs. The dates for the Intensive Course “Pre-Med” can be found here.

5. How many class hours are attended per week and altogether?

In the intensive Course, you will attend the subjects biology, chemistry and physics, each one week (30 hours). Thereby you will attend six lessons, each 45 minutes, a day (weekends off) and altogether the course amounts to 90 class hours.

6. Will there be any homework during the pre-studies?

Each lecturer will give homework after the lessons. These serve as a revision, preparation and of course as a self-control for the participants.

7. Which exams do I have to take during the pre-semester?

After the completion of each study field, there will be control tests. These tests serve as a self-control only. You do not have to pass the tests, in order to complete the course.

8. Are the study contents simple?

Absolutely not! Of course we do not want to overstrain anybody, but we want to prepare the prospective students for the everyday life in medical studies, which is far from easy. We anticipate study contents, so that getting studies started is going to be easier. If you are willing and you are interested in medical studies, it will absolutely be no problem for you, to follow the contents of the course, because our experienced lecturers are going to impart the contents comprehensibly and suitable for the participants.

9. What happens, if the contents / exams are too difficult for me?

If you should realize, in the self-control-tests, that the content is not completely internalized yet, there is the possibility to register for a tutoring course in natural sciences. There, you will review the contents in a small group or individually.

10. Will the participants get the chance to be active by themselves in the medical course?

Of course you do not just have to listen all day, there will surely be the opportunity to be active by yourself. Be it practical exercises, group work or even with the help of anatomical models.

11. How many participants are in a course?

Our courses are taught in small class sizes, i.e. 20-30 attendants maximally. Our tutoring course differs from this, which is taught in a very small group or even just for a single person.

12. Who can I contact, when I want to get more information about the syllabus?

For further information, you can contact us at:

Tel.: +34 669 07 29 15


13. How does the Intensive Course help me in regard to admission exams?

The pre-semester not only prepares you in the best way possible for your study start, but also for national and international admission tests. All course contents are relevant for international admission exams and will help you prepare for the tests. In a motivational interview, you can stand out from the pool of applicants with the participation in a pre-semester and thus you can be preferred to other applicants.

15. How much do our courses cost?

Intensive Course “Pre-Med”: 1995€
Tutoring private lessons: individually
Tutoring small groups:  individually
Language courses with certificate: individually

16. Can I pay by installments?

Of course we offer payment by installments. Please contact us, we will give you advice.

18. How do I find accommodation in Alicante?

Our service also includes the search for accommodation. You can choose from flat share, hotels, hostels, student rooms, etc.

19. I have decided to attend the medical pre-semester, how and where can I sign up?

We are pleased that you decided to choose our service and we can accompany you on your way to your medical study. For the pre-semester you can sign up here:

Tel.: +34 669 07 29 15


20. Are there set dates for the language courses and the tutoring course?

For this courses there are no set dates, if you are interest, please contact us.

Tel.: +34 669 07 29 15



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