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Who Is ICI? What Does ICI Do?




The ICI – Iberian College International – belongs to one of the best and most prestigious colleges for preparatory courses in the medical sector, located in Spain, and enjoys internationally high renown. Its academic programs and its advanced training formats for future students offer, at each point in time of the occupational career, an appropriate educational concept.

The ICI stands for Excellence in Medical Education and demands this in training, education and practice in the area of the natural sciences intensive and crash courses, medial English and further additional courses. This finds its expression both in the available lecturer organization and also in the national and international ranking results.

ICI Mission Statement

The ICI – Iberian College International is committed to the aspiration “Excellence in Medical Education”. This aspiration applies equally for training, education and practice: for the training this means to educate outstanding graduates and to create an environment for lifelong learning. In the education, we want to achieve contributions of high quality for the integral and ongoing promotion of future students.

Excellency in the practice aims at standing in close interchange with universities and institutions and to maintain an intensive contact with a variety of partners in economy and society.

I. Ambition

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to summarize the ideas of our ICI-community about mutual standards of good behavior, in a written form. It helps us to act according to the „ICI-spirit“ and thereby to conduce to reaching the goals that we have given expression in our Mission Statement and Vision.

II. Application Area

The Code of Conduct joins, as a specific code of behavior, our mission statement, our vision, our model “Excellence in Management Education” and our commitment to motivation and enthusiasm (passion), to social responsibility (people) und to the principle of achievement orientation (performance). The formulated standards of good behavior, in the Code of Conduct, are desirable in the most diversified environments and coherences and also for all ICI-members. Therefore we voluntarily oblige to its compliance. The Code of Conduct forms a common factor, which can be shaped more specifically by a specific behavioral codes. It does not form new legal bases, for example sanctions, nor does it replace established regulations or laws.

III. Standards of Good Behavior

We strive after exemplary behavior in everything we do in our role as ICI-members.


• We treat each other respectfully, fair and tolerant.
• We esteem people independently of personal features or characteristics, like gender, complexion, religion, nationality, age, social state and similar characteristics.
• We actively support the integration of all, especially of foreign, ICI-members in our society.


• We are aware of our social responsibility and firmly support the ICI-community and society.
• We avoid resp. solve conflicts between personal interests and ICI interests.
• We respect the ICI-resources and make use of them in a responsible way.
• We carefully deal with our responsibility for others.
• We follow established law, generally accepted ethical principles and valid ICI-guidelines and work towards a respective culture.


• We behave in an exemplary manner, internal and external, as members of the ICI-community and thereby promote a positive image of our college and its social acceptance.
• We live in an enterprising culture, in which self-initiative and dedication are encouraged.
• We show civil courage.
• We contribute actively to the solution of problems and to the removal of grievances that we are aware of.


• We communicate and cooperate openly and honestly and handle information responsibly.
• We are helpful and support each other carefully, reliably and quickly.
• We maintain a constructive handling of criticism and are generous with praise.

We help and support each other in our specialized and personal progress.

Internationalization is an integral component of the ICI

As one of the leading medical colleges in Europe, the preparatory courses of the Iberian College International have been developed and constructed according to challenging academic demands, in scholarly cooperation with leading European universities

We pursue our aspiration, by:

combining scientific stringency with practice,
acquiring top lecturers and instructors for the ICI and developing,
a stimulating, intellectual und international environment,
developing entrepreneurial thinking and acting,
supporting responsible guidance and teamwork,
emphasizing the global dimension of medicine and its academics
and supporting the society beyond that.

ICI Vision

“At the end of 2020, the ICI is an internationally recognized college, with „agenda setting“ competence, in the top 5 ranking of European colleges for the preparation of prospective academics in the medical sector. On the European market it is known for high quality programs in the area of natural sciences and basic medical sciences, for excellent educational performance and its intense interconnectedness in the European academic landscape. Thereby, the ICI stand for lived internationality and its clear commitment to social responsibility.”

The Iberian College International has a wide network of cooperation with European universities as well as with other organizations. Thanks to all these cooperation agreements, the students get the best chances to be admitted in any of the international programs of health sciences.

The cooperation with agencies such as Dónde Estudiar Medicina (DEM), Estudios de Medicina (EM) and Medizinstudium in Ausland (MSA) started several years ago. The last companies to join our cooperation team have been Estudiar Medicina en Europa (EME), Medical Studies Advisory (MSA) and Study Medicine in Europe (MSE). Tha ICI family keeps on growing!

Thanks to the cooperation with all the above-mentioned agencies, we can offer to our students study places in several universities in Europe since they represent more than 20 universities in different countries. Our partner agencies offer counseling when applying for an international program and, together with the ICI, help students to get admitted into their chosen programs of studies.

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