99, 8 % of the participants get a study place in medicine

We from the ICI are convinced of the high academic quality of our medical pre-course. It is our goal, to prepare participants of the medical pre-courses for national and international admission exams, in the best possible way.

The course contents have been arranged with academics and leading European universities, so that you will be prepared optimally for the demands of the universities and institutions in the admission exam and know, which range of subjects you exactly have to expect.

With us, you have the highest chances of obtaining a university place at chosen universities by MSA, if you pass our Intnsive Course and the admission exams for the universities. Be on the safe side with the attendance of our Intensive Course, if you do not have received a university place for medicine nationally or internationally. 99,8 % of the participants get a study place in the medical field. During the course, you will be prepared optimally and thus you can also bypass the waiting time until your studies start in a smart way. With our quality and your diligence, we will reach your aspiration together!

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