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If you are someone, who finished high school and you want to increase your knowledge for studying medicine, because you feel insecure or because you want to be well prepared, take note of the following information, because this will be interesting for you!

The Intensive Course „Pre-Med“ is designed to prepare students to pass the access exams in English to the different foreign Universities of DEM (Dónde Estudiar Medicina) and MSA (Medical Studies Advisory), who both cooperate with us. You will get a thorough knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and medical English. No matter how much you know of each subject, after this course you will feel qualified enough to enter any university you want, as well as to face the first year of studies without problems.

Like all our intensive courses, the Intensive Course „Pre-Med“ is being taught in English, since we know the English skills within the field of medicine are a real necessity. In addition, this will help you becoming familiar with the technical terms you will have to overcome during your studies.

Our main goal is that your transition to your future university will be as easy as possible, so you can adapt quickly to the new environment and enjoy these new experiences with confidence, knowing you will be well prepared for the required level.

We encourage you to register soon to our next Intensive Course „Pre-Med“. The places are limited!

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