Feedback of Our Course Participants

28. October 2016

At the start of the winter semester, in which most of our course participants started their medical studies abroad, plenty of feedback of the freshmen, who have just started their studies, reached us. The feedback is downright positive and we are proud, that we were able to help everyone, who participated in our course this year (and of course also the previous years), to get a university place and to prepare them for the start of their studies in relation to basic preclinical knowledge, in order to make it easier for them. We do not want to withhold the feedback that has reached us (we have translated the feedback of German and Spanish participants for you):

“At the beginning I was very sceptic, if it is possible for me to review and internalize the natural sciences basics in such a short time. Now I have to say that this skepticism was totally unjustified. The pace of the course is spot-on, because through the constant support of the lecturers – also outside of the course – it is no problem to follow the varied educational content. If questions arise, you can directly ask them during the lessons. The course has enormously helped me to pass the admission exams to which I signed up in advance to the course. Also now after one month of studies, I can say that I’m very fit subject-wise, so that I can mainly concentrate on settling into the new surroundings, instead of focusing on learning, like many of my fellow students that I met here. Thanks again for the perfect preparation.”

„I participated in the course in February/March and I can just recommend it to everyone. Particularly great was the fact that – besides the intensive course – also language courses were offered. Another participant and I took the chance and attended the Spanish course, because we already knew at that point that we were going to study at the Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Valencia in the winter semester. Spanish language skills are not a requirement in order to start studies there; nevertheless it is great, if you already know the basics before the start of studies. This will give you a certain “security” and many things will be easier, if you study so far from home. I can recommend both courses, especially because the other participants were really nice and we have reviewed unclear topics in small groups after the course – just like in a small learning group. I would definitely recommend the course!”

„The ICI and the lecturers took care of me very well. Personally, I was able to profit from the course, since I think that I would not have prepared for my admission exam in such an intensive way all by myself. At home you always have something that is distracting you, be it family, friends or daily duties. All this completely disappears in Alicante, because you feel like being on a holiday there, in which you can fully focus on learning and nothing else. Especially after attending the course from morning to afternoon, you do not have a bad conscience in the evening, when you are enjoying your free time and exploring the city with the other participants, because you know that you have already reached the workload for the day.”

„Luckily, I already had a secure university place, when the course in July began. Nevertheless, I was really close to failing the admission exam, so that I did not want to start my studies like this, in order to not be behind all other students concerning the preclinical knowledge. It has really helped me that the course took place in English and that most of the lecturers are teachers of an English medical degree program. Now I know what I roughly have to expect and I’m not scared anymore to not be able to follow the English classes, because during the course this was working well.”

“The participation in the course was a great experience. I have met someone from Spain there, who is now studying together with me in Košice. The two of us are in fact planning to move into a shared apartment, after we have mastered the first months at university and fully settled in.”

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