Intensive Course „Pre-Med“ Participants are Enthused After Only Few Days

3. March 2017

This week the time has finally arrived: our team welcomed many participants in our facilities in Alicante to the first pre-med course this year. Within all in all 3 weeks, the future physicians are reviewing the natural sciences subjects biology, physics and chemistry and are thus going to be prepared for the admission exams of international universities and for the start of their medical studies abroad.

Until now, the first résumé of everybody is very positive. Most of them are impressed by the quality of the course; they praise the friendliness and the competence of the lecturers and the attractive city of Alicante. All in all, many aspects are better than expected, as the participants say.

What else they said about their first days in Alicante, you can see in this video:


Additionally, here you will find a video and a picture gallery from the first day in the course:


We are really excited about what the next weeks will bring for our participants.

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