Our Intensive Course „Pre-Med“ Ends with a Satisfying Result

24. March 2017

At the end of last week, our this year’s first preparation course for medical studies has ended. After revising the basics of the natural sciences biology, physics and chemistry within all in all 3 weeks and even extending their knowledge, the participants are now perfectly prepared for their English, international admission exams and the start of studies in Europe.

On the curriculum of the participants was one week biology, physics and chemistry classes each. Together with our experienced lecturers, they repeated and deepened the subject areas of each field. Content-related, the course already touched the first year of medical studies. Due to our strict limitation of the number of participants per course to class sizes at school, it is possible for our lecturers to individually react to each participant and to involve everyone into the classes, so our teaching concept is very interactive and therefore similar to a seminar at a university.

Besides the classes, our participants had a lot of fun together. One of the things they did together was going to the cinema. The free time after the course and at the weekends was therefore not only used for learning and repeating, but also for exploring the city, visiting famous sights, trying typical Spanish food and going on an extensive shopping spree together.

For everyone who did not get the chance to participate in one of our courses yet, there is the possibility to sign up for our second course this year – from July 10th to July 27th – already now.

If you have further questions about the preparation course, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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