Second Week of the Pre-Med Course Ends

11. March 2016

Our first pre-med course 2016 has already begun in the last week. During the first week, approximately 30 students learned the important educational content related to biology. This week, chemistry was on the class schedule.

After the last week passing smoothly and all the participants now being fully prepared for the subject biology, the class went on with chemistry this week. They were taught by Matthias Plöchl PhD, the managing director of the BioenergieBeratungBornim GmbH. Matthias Plöchel PhD has studied chemistry, meteorology and botany the University of Frankfurt, where he also did his doctorate as a natural scientist. He is specialized on ecosystem theory, plant physiology and micro meteorology. Currently he is teaching bioenergy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and also at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

The interim conclusion of the participants is consistently positive, as we could hear. Everybody is really satisfied with the course contents and the difficulty level of the classes, which is not too easy but also not too difficult – as it is adjusted to the first semester and admission exams.

In the next week we will report about the last week of the pre-med course, in which physics will be taught by Günther Menz.

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