Why Participating in the Crash Course Before the Study of Medicine?

27. April 2015

This is a question many of you might ask themselves. We can give you many reasons, because a Crash Course helps enormously, in order to prepare for admission exams and the start of studies.

Of course, the review of natural sciences knowledge has priority in this Crash Course. This is especially interesting for those, who have passed their A levels some time ago and the knowledge is not as present as desired. But of course it will not just help you to review, but to give you a first insight of the study contents. Especially the anatomy and medical English parts play a great role at that. Medical English is very important for future international students, because the study of medicine will take place in English. For students who study in Germany it is also very important, in today’s multicultural society, to know the medical jargon in English also.

This course will open up new possibilities for you, if you did not get a place at university yet, because after the course, you will get a certificate of attendance of the Crash Course. With this, you will have good chances with applications, because universities prefer applicants that show great interest in the field of medicine and approach their study start with great initiative.

It is our goal, to send you transition-free into your study of medicine, so that you know, what exactly you have to expect there. After the course, it will be easier for you to start your studies, because you will learn the contents of the first semesters in our course. Therefore, you can start your studies more relaxed and you can settle into your place of study properly.

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