Our Course Participants are Better Prepared than Their Fellow Students

11. November 2016

As recently reported, we currently receive a lot of feedback from our course participants, who recently started their medical studies abroad. It is particularly striking that many of them report that within the first weeks of studies, they rarely had to learn new subject matter and thus were able to concentrate on non-university matters, because they already learned the relevant basics of medical studies and natural sciences in our Intensive Course. It was especially helpful for most of them, that the course took place in English, since not all participants were native speakers and even they often do not know the medical and scientific terminology in English.

Soon, the new year 2017 will start and hence also our new ICI Intensive Courses, to which we – and our lecturers – are already looking forward to! We want to thank everyone for their trust and want to encourage graduates, who do not have a university place for next year yet, to participate in our course, since – until now – every course participant has passed at least one admission exam for a European university of our partner “Medical Studies Abroad”! We want to especially recommend the course in February/March, because after the course you will still have enough time to take several different admission exams, since most of the exams will be held at the end of March onwards.

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